[slightly urgent] How to add health barriers

Like I want to have a barrier that has health, but I don’t want a prop since those don’t respawn. how do I do thish

Let me play around with some stuff in this for a bit. I like this idea, and I’ll see what I can do.

please do that by 1 07 I gtg then

You can’t

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Props can’t respawn? Even if you show prop?

That just shows the prop. If the prop is gone, there’s nothing to show.

explain further I feel this is being heard wrong

He wants something that can be destroyed, like a prop, but respawn, like a sentry.

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Oh yeah, a sentry would work. If you make it not be able to launch, it would work.

I would not recommend that due to the amount of memory it costs. Plus, it has no collision.

man be cool if they add collision to gims

Hey, hes back! Nice chicken

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Sorry to re-reply on this topic but i was offline and didn’t get to reply to clic clac.

The limit for a text property is actually way more. You can only do 512 characters in a text block but you can combine as many as you want (create text with block)


You can use a sentry hidden by props. When the sentry is knocked out, deactivate a prop, and when the sentry respawns, show the prop again.

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