Slap Battles thingamabob

Is there a way to make Slap Battles in GKC? I don’t know how to make the gloves, but any ideas?

Tag zones that activate and deactivate?
They kill you instantly so maybe don’t make the TZ respawn you but do damage to your Psuedo-Health.

Yes, but it might be hard for the knockback mechanism.

You can try tage zones and mechanics, otherwise, idk.


Updated (edited) post, not really sure how to make a KB effect since you can’t detect where a player was tagged or damaged so it might be tedious using coordinate systems and teleporters.

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Any ideas for stuff other than the KB?

What other mechanics/art do you want to recreate?

I want to make the abilities and stuff

There is something that might help, let me find it…

What specific ablities?
Can you please elaborate?

you can also make a lobby and a base where a player respawns to.

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if you need a specific ability you can ask me because i might to be able to help.

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Lets start with the easy ones. Maybe start with the overkill glove?

What does that do?

Oneshots players with one slap.

Thats easy ik how to make it but it is hard to explain; do you have GK wiki?

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Ok follow me up there

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