Slap Battles thingamabob

@WolfTechnology do you have the link for the wiki?

Activating a Tag Zone that respawns players when hit/deals damage to their pseudo health.
Do you get that from an upgrade or is that just random.

It’ll work regardless, just a question.

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I’ll try that. To make the gloves, though…

for the wix or guides?

Yea thats what I meant the wix

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Ok let’s go to the wix.

Do I post the code?

no, I will send u smth hold on…


I have a map ready for Slap Battles…

Here message me mine isn’t working:

It won’t let me message just let me post it on the wix

I guess do it (i <3 suop)

Ok i did!

I need perm please (no more off-topic now)

@BreathTaking this is geting very off-topic, please mark a solution and coninue your discussion on the WIX.

Uhhhhh what happened?

Sry I posted new code

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