Siphon on my Map "Boss Royale / Gimnite"

So I was trying to make a siphon ability to go to one person. But everytime I try testing it out it spreads to other people instead of ONE person.
So is there any way that can work or do I have to wait for a new update.

how is the person supposed to get the ability? do they press a button?

They have to buy it from a vending machine

welcome to the forums @ImOP

Welcome to the forums @ImOP!

thank you everyone for your support in this kind community

and how are you giving everyone the ability?
is it like a health granter?

A knockout manager wired with a health granter then the knockout manager to the vending machine

Sorry if I’m mistaken but Siphon is the same as Life steal, right?

Yes, it is like the Fortnite siphon from Hades when his medallion drops.

@ImOP Try this:
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This could work but I don’t know if that’s how he wants it from the looks of it. Idk. ImOP I think an overlay would work better than a vending machine. Average you just joined 3 days ago and you’re acting like a real helper around here! Wow!

I actually have another acc that is 2 months old but I forget the password lol
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Oh xD

Yes but no its like Snowbrawl, when you elinmate a player, you gain hp and shields back but its only one player that has that ability not the whole lobby.

then use a knockout manager with the guide that I showed you


Give the player an item so that upon knockout there is a checker that checks for that item (for example bait) and wire the checker to the life granter

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yep! that’s right nice!
yea u should prob get the solution

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I started reading the guide you posted right after I posted the reply above and when i saw step one where it said choose an item i was like “oops I didn’t mean to steal the solution” and then I continued and realized I didn’t

I forgot to say that you get the siphon ability from after eliminating a boss.