[Simple] How to change your leaderboard settings

Helpful Tip

Ok so I want to point out before we start is that you always want to
save your map every few minutes just in case your game refreshes so then you can always come back to it, it saves automatically but still.

The ACTUAL Thing

Alright anyways so basically all you want to do is click on the Map Options button.

Then click on the Score Tab.

Once your here you can have a lot of options to mess around with and make it to your liking for example you can choose to enable the leaderboard on or off or you could choose to split the game into 2 or more teams, etc.


Once you finished making your adjustments, if you want to, you can test it out with a couple of friends.


Alright so that’s how you change your leaderboard settings, let me know if this helped you.

No offense, but this guide doesn’t really explain much. The most that it explains is to go to the score tab and doesn’t give many other explanations besides “…you know what to do from there.” Perhaps if you added more details on what the options did on the score tab, the guide would have a bit more substance.


None taken. Thank you for telling me, yeah I get that a lot on my essays, I’ll get to it.

Alright, just finished making the update. If there is still any trouble let me know and I’ll try my best fixing it.

Welcome to the forums @speedingVortex

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This guide isn’t really needed because it way too simple. Also welcome to the forum.


Yeah, this guide isn’t necessary. Guides are supposed to be in-depth and very comprehensive. Maybe add more context?

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Sorry, but this just seems short, and REALLY simple (counting the title of this guide), maybe add a bit more stuff into this guide?


I know, I just wanted to point it out for people who are starters like me.

Doesn’t um the creative thingie guide tell you?

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I’ll try making some better guides next time, this is my first post after all so I’m starting to understand the features just a little.

I honestly don’t know, I only did the tutorial once and that’s it.

@Magenta_Dragon, what guide do you think I should try doing since it’s really not needed?

I understand, just let this serve as a warning to not post these kinds of guides in the future, when you’re a more experienced user.

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@speedingVortex it would help make your guide be more understand able and easier to read if you left the images without the blurr.


You could click on them, though.

I did, but would you rather be building this and look at the images or have to click on them every time? Plus newer users might think its just a blurry image, not knowing to click on it. That’s why i said that.



Off topic
But congrats on regular @FersionSpeedy !

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We all know my grammar is bad but you still got my point. And yes congrats! I saw that you got it last night but i forgot to say anything, so my apologies on that.