Should I make some of the forum users pfp's?

Its just a random idea i had and i’m bored of doing marketing work so i need to design something.

isn’t this off-topic?

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Idk, it sort of is and sort of isn’t its about creative and basically ideas. Ill just close it.


you just want to draw something?

yep, im bored out of my mind. So i need to do something and making stuff would help fix that.

on thumbnail tips and requests there are a bunch of people looking for thumbnails

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K, i’ll look into that.



Oh! I’d like an order of x1 pfp

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I don’t think we can do that here

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You could do it on foxy’s padlet. But she is INCREDIBLY busy.

just cause I’m making something for you doesn’t mean I can’t add something to the list
also check it yourself

Oh, forgiveth me. I beg.

mind if i have a link to that?

it’s in my bio


why did you post that

Sorry, I saw someone else doing it

  1. I’ll delete it
    I follow other people way too much ↩︎

  1. that private info
  2. read the other posts we can’t ask for pfps here
  3. this was only a few minutes away from closing

That email is the one I use only for the forums (it’s in my bio)
Sorry for replying right before it was closing, it’ll still close
just read the rest of posts, I got it

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