Should I make a GKC game as a memorial?

That will come soon, as the change log says.


Oh, yeah. I can try to include that. What would the different eras of the forum be though, @Blizzy? I see you’re replying, @Haiasi.

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The beginning could be a stone age like theme.

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Would I be considered half OG, half not OG?

Great idea, but that was classified as The Golden Age! I’ve only heard rumors about The Dark Ages of the GKC forum, but I’m pretty sure that was during my months-long hiatus.

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Well good luck on the game, can’t wait!

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You joined half-way through the history of the forum, so you’re only about a month away from being an OG, sorry. OGs are only from the first month or so of the forum.

Are you talking to me, because I know that.

But didn’t you invite @Haiasi

These are purely visual

(It says on my profile I was invited by @LxmasHaxTakis but that would not be true since I clicked on that link midways through the time I was on the forum)

Which would then be invited by another user, NavyCatZ, who invited themselves over and over again


I just came up with a HUGE idea for the map - I’m going to make a timeline of everything GKC. From the moment it was published, the first and second forums being made, the Wix site’s creation, the retiring of most of the retired OGs, and many other crucial milestones.

I’ll release it by GKC’s 1st anniversary along with an awards program on my blog called The Gimmie Awards. This will be a new annual awards program made by me and maybe a few volunteers celebrating Gimkit Creative and every amazing person who uses it (both OG and new edition).

What do u think about my idea, @Frozen_cursor, @Foxy, @Haiasi, @Crimson_Knight, @twofoursixeight, @C-C, @Blizzy, @Magenta_Dragon, @Argo77, @TryEverything, and everyone else?


Perhaps it would work as a history themed map

That’s my goal - to make something in memory of ALL of GKC. As far as I know, this will be the biggest project ever undertaken in GKC.


That would be cool. I’ll allow myself to be there if you want to mention me. Also, I’m making a map about the creation of DOD and WOW and their battles.


The New Forum, then the Dark Ages(Original), then the Regulars’ Era, then it is the Dark Ages the 2nd, which is now, no offense to anyone


next time you can always use @ here without the space

and we do have a lot of clutter and ban speedrunners now

Yeah, that’s what I mean by The Dark Ages. Also, I need to read 3000 more posts to get back to regular… That’s a lot…


that’s a lot considering you can’t repeat

I think that this is an awesome idea