Should I change the name of the MC in my recreation?

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(Any feedback? (Gimshot.)):
So, if you’ve been following my Oneshot recreation project in Gimkit, you’ll know that I have been replacing the main character of Oneshot, Niko, with my own OC, Lumi.
I feel as if this kind of ruins some of the aspects of Oneshot in its entirety, but for things like thumbnails I can’t exactly use Niko, according to rules, at all.
What should I do? Keep Lumi, or replace them with the actual MC, Niko?

Figuring this out early would be best, as there isn’t that much dialogue containing names yet, so if I was to switch it, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem.

you can make a reskin of niko, as long as its not a exact copy it should pass. So if you like redo the close and hair it should be fine. The name will be fine to stay. But if you still don’t feel safe publishing it them email pharlain at

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Yes, I’ll probably do this, maybe just some touch-ups on the hair, and/or clothes, no name change.
I’ll also probably digitally draw the thumbnail, just for that tiny bit of added protection.

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Lumi will also probably be going to a different project, maybe something like a Mawaru or something, or minigame game, don’t worry, the train dog isn’t getting scrapped.

I think.

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