Any feedback? (Gimshot.)

Hello, this is mostly what I have so far for Gimshot. (Oneshot)

Steam Community :: Guide :: Walkthrough + Achievements + Resetting Save
Comparison image as well.


  • How to make dialogue, specifically after picking up an item and/or when entering a zone.
  • This isn’t really a figure out, but also thumbnail art. I already have it planned in my head, OC’s name to replace Niko will be Lumi, their design is a bit less planned, less than the art and what it will feature.
  • How to make things only work if you have a certain item in your inventory, such as in the image, going up to the window with the Lottery Ticket (TV Remote.) and having a dialogue where you can read the numbers on the item, for a password. Interacting with the window without the ticket would, of course, do nothing.
  • Also, how to make that bottom door lock until computer sequence is initiated, and finished.

If you can tell me any tips on these, or anything in that category, please do. Help is appreciated, along with feedback.

Also I do feel like the name is a bit… lame. Any recommendations for that as well?

All gud, but you need a mouse and the other thingy

use a barrier to make the rug. just for fun, no reason specifically

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Yeah, thats definetely a must now that I think about it.

  • One shot Gimkit Edition
  • OneShot But in Gimkit
  • Gimkit Oneshot
  • (Very similar to your current name) Gimkit Shot

hmm, do you want the lottery ticket to be spawned constantly or just one?

It does not always have to be a complicated name. Perfect Heist has a very simple name, and it’s high quality.

Uhhhh, I don’t play this game. When the computer sequence is finished, send a broadcast on a channel, then have a barrier for the front door that is deactivated when the channel is broadcasted.

Once. Sorrry for such a late reply.

I’ll definitely try that, thanks.

I think an item image is better, with an invis button on top

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Is there any way I can make the button un-collidable with after the TV Remote (LT) is picked up?

I think it’s by making the button invis, but idk

Cool ways you can make NPC interaction better! [3.5/10 🟩] this should hlp

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you have ot make the button invise then deactivate when interacted

use a checker.
if check works then do whatever

Yup, this works, thanks for that.

activate a button when the final animation is done
(wire it)

for dialogue just use popups with call to action buttons as responses that can trigger more popups with more call to actions

Maybe add camera veiw