Senty kill to deactivate lazer

Ok, so I know how to make it so when you knock out a senty, it deactivates things like barriers and lazers, but I can’t figure out how to make it so the object I’m trying to deactivate (lazer) only deactivates if you kill MULTIPLE sentys rather than just one. The problem I’m mainly having is that it will deactivate if I only kill one, rather than the three I’m trying to have you kill to deactivate the lazer. please help

Wire the sentry to when sentry gets knocked out, deactivate lasar. Then place many sntries and wire them to different lasars, and stack the lasars till it looks like one.

Make a counter with a target of how many sentries you need to be killed. Next, make a ko manager that listens for a sentry knockout. Make that increase the counter. When the counter reaches the target, it should deactivate the barrier.

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this doesnt work the laser deactivates when just 1 is killed rather then both of them

Try @getrithekd’s version.

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Then wire both of them to a counter that has a target of 2.
(Do this for both sentries)

Sentry Knocked Out > Increment Counter
Target Value Reached > Deactivate Laser

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Ok so here’s what you need to do. Make a counter that has a max value of 3. Put down a knockout manager and set them to listen for sentry knockouts. When a sentry is knocked out increment the counter. When the counter reaches 3 have it deactivate the barrier.


this is an off topic thing but is there a way to make a timer or something that after the laser gets deactivated it will turn back on after a few seconds and the counter will reset?

It’s not off-topic. Anything unrelated to Gimkit Creative is off-topic.

Yes. There is. Check out this video: How to use a laser beam (Resolved) - #4 by Jeffo

i figured out that part but how do i get the counter to reset after hitting the target value?

use a wire repeater. target value reached > repeat wire pulse
wire pulse repeated > reset counter

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It’s not off-topic though. He’s asking for help in Gimkit Creative.

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