Sentry that gives deals without attacking you

I need help since I want to make a sentry that gives deals without attacking you. I also need help for you to get XP by winning battles.

How can u make the sentry move

You cant get xp in creative, unless answering questions. I think use this guide for the deal giving sentry

But I don’t need the sentry to move. I need it so that the sentry gives you a deal, and if you accept it, then he lets you pass through an area that he is blocking the way through.

I’m making a black ops zombies map

If you have a seperate question, make a separated post for it

Look, the thing is that I want a sentry that will let you go into an area if you give him a item.

Yes, use this guide for the deal, you dont have to make it talk, tho. Then, make it deactivate a barrier if you accept.

Oh wait, dont do the zone part, they removed sentry interaction. Put an invisible barrier over the sentry

I did that its working then what

What do you mean? Were you using the guide I sent @GoofyIzzyGuy ?

Make them the same team as you. You used to able to make them friendly with zones but that has been patched.

Look, this is just what I want. I need a sentry that will do a deal with you. After that, the sentry will disappear. The only thing is, I can’t find a way for the sentry to not attack you.

And how to get the sentry to disappear.

Make them the same team as you then, make them deactivate after they complete the deal

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This will help your XP problem

They were referring to normal xp.

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