Sentry that gives deals without attacking you

This is what is says:
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Make sure to check Discobot’s private message to you for the tutorial and advanced tutorial.

edit: if you want xp just make a rly easy kit and play one way out with it or something

Can some of you ask the creator for help? I’ve heard of other Gimkiters doing it too

Is this still unresolved?

Hey, have you tried pseudo-health. @WhereIsMyHat pinged me, Maybe you could make a turn-based combat, and use pseudo health, you sadly cant make real XP but you can use my guide on EXP in game,
just check out my profile,
)its to many guides to link)

i need to make a sentry that helps you fight and on your team

put the sentry on your team

@Warrior_Of_Death16 next time please make your own topic especially since this was from 5 months ago

ik that but please help a friend out i also need the sentry to move


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Lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: that is wild…

hehe plz help a friend out plz

no codes allowed. Please delete

i know no codes i know i know

then delete it please

I edited it. I edited it

please read:

i need sentry to move plz help send guide