Sentry Skin In GKC

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All credit to @Gimkitsuggestor!
This is a wiki for people to add their gims and skins!
I know I’ve done this before but the original, mine have both been closed and wasn’t a wiki.

stache by @Cellofive


Screenshot 2024-01-06 00.19.43

How to make:

Use ⬮ in a text box and scale it so it is the size of a sentry

Then get ( and put it where you want the bottom of the hat

Use black circle barriers to make the hat

Also use ⬮ for the eyes and make the text black
Use commas to make the mustache
Make sure to layer everything correctly
And use barriers for the legs!

Instruction pictures coming soon!

Mr. Monocle by @cheesebox


A distinguished gentleman, the real Mr Monocle only attends the fanciest of parties. However, if you wanted to make his doppleganger, here’s what you would need.
These symbols on text devices:
⭘⠇Both tinted 255, 200, 0
⬤, tinted 214, 254, 255 with 0.6 alpha
An apostrophe (') and a comma (,) rotated to be his mustache
This emoji: :tophat:
And a metal cup tinted 169, 255, 248 with 0.6 alpha to be his fancy glass. Now, even the richest man in Gimkit can be in your map!


Wouldn’t that be a showcase if people show the gims they have made?

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How? They should explain it tho. It’s like the 3-D Art wiki.

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Well, you are not explaining anything right? You are just posting people’s art with no instructions.


Well, they should explain it when they post it.

I thought you left?

But this isn’t needed. There are way too many art guides and most just cause clutter.

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Can I add the gims I made?

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Sure. Please add instructions.
@Magenta_Dragon, if they explain it, it might help!
But I understand what you’re trying to say…


Ok, thanks

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that is not a sentry skin thats a barrel XD


I added one! More possibly on the way!