Sentry Questions

Hello people. I was making a re-creation of Piggy game and I was wondering if you could design an automatic moving sentry. Speaking of sentry’s, is there any weapon close to a melee weapon that a sentry can hold? Thx.

(Sorry if my spelling isnt proffesional :confused: )

In this case, what do you mean by an auto-moving sentry?

I’m actually think there isn’t‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

I mean like, a sentry that moves by itself without someone activating anything over and over again

Honestly, I don’t think so

unless if thats what the repeater is for

Repeater would repeat a bunch of events

kinda what im looking for

But would be hard to use in this situation

I think repeaters, buttons, wires, and zones are useful in this situation

You only can have a sentry have a non-melee weapon but you can make the sentry move to different places in the players view.

May you send me some screenshots on where and how to do that?

ok, give me a couple minutes right now need to get gimkit open and take the screenshots.

One question is your map platformer, or top-down?

tysm bro. Ur the goat

I need to know for the map orientation

Im sorry I dont know much. What is orientation?

just what type of map are you making top-down or platformer where you can jump up and down and need a season ticket for

Let me check real quick

its the type where theres layers