Sentry Questions

So the person enters a zone then it wire it to a trigger where it triggers the sentry to be activated

You have to do this a lot of times depending on the number on times you want the sentry moving.

intesting… Can i see the wires and the options?

Yes here you go.
From trigger to sentry

And from zone to trigger

Also zone to sentry

Do you want me to show you the channels?

Hey dude. Sorry I left. It was my first day and I hit the limit of posts. I figured out a way how but I want the sentry to be knocked out but every time I knock out one sentry, the rest spawn out of nowhere. Ill try to send you some screenshots.

Actually? Nvm. Ill just make something else.

Do you guys have any recommended weapons that are similar to a melee weapon?

Short range is probably your best option. Like P.M.L or something.

(post deleted by author)

i didnt know pml was a short range

Does the pickaxe still work as a melee weapon?

Yes, it does. also I am back, don’t know for how long but I am here.

Also I wish they would make a sword.

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I just don’t think that sentries can have pickaxes

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Nope, you cannot. I just checked.

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I’m back if you want to talk.