Sentry knockouts player

So is it possible so that when a sentry knocks out a player, the player drops something? I know when a player knocks out a player but is it possible with a sentry knocks out a player?

i am working on it lol

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I think you can use a knockout manager
Or a lifecycle works I think…?


Cant use a knockout manager. Just tested it.

You would have to use something like a checker to see if they have “x” item, and then you would need to “drop it” making the player claim it somehow. If you want to have it drop somewhere specific, I can’t help you. Coordinate system?

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If you could toggle item spawners that would work, but you can’t which makes me think this isn’t possible.

wdym coordinate system?

Ikr, they should add that. You can cover it with a barrier but that looks ugly

Oh I don’t have that on this persons map.

yes i do actually

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oops mb :sweat_smile:

You can just have a knockout manager and when the player is tagged it makes a item granter give -1 the item. It’s pretty simple.

They want it to drop on the spot where the player got knocked out, silly goose!

Oh, you would just need to give them max amount of the item +1 then make it minus the max amount to give them their original amount.

I tried that but it was till the same.

What do you mean, what was still the same?

we are working on it
and i think i have a solution but i need to test it first

Just use a K.O (Knockout) Device and change it to drop all

Like this