Sentry Customization And Activation

Welcome To The Guide For All Things Sentry
Though many of us have found them pests, customization is easy and quick, though some may be technical. Ideas may be borrowed by other creators, but (Disclaimer:) I believe most of these ideas haven’t been posted or at least completely borrowed from someone else’s work. Let’s get to the beginning:


Medic: For this you only need red potions and shields. For further customization, I included off-screen capabilities such as purchased health, and regen (see some of the community made guides to do it too!)

Soldier: For this I used basic shield layering over the body, and two blackboard legs, the hilt maybe layered for extra detail. For any ideas on how to use it, it can be in a basic dungeon crawler game or an NPC that grants weapons.

Assassin: With the new update to zones, we can now include big circles, and with visibility on and colors turned up, we can make a little aura surrounding him. Ideas for him can include eliminating enemies off the face of the earth (Button pressed, activate deactivation channel,) or any other sorts of antic you can have with it.


Scientist: Easy as pie, right? Well, wrong. Whilst it seems easy, emojis can be tricky to locate. It can be easier with the basic bottles, but it also involves some layering. More than meets the eye. Anyway, some uses could be granting new weapons, but I made it unlock research in whichever game, which can be incredibly helpful if you need a new currency.

Wizard: This is a little tricky. For the staff I use a metal pole. and put a red bottle on the end, surrounded by a barrier shaded black (No Borders) and broken glass.
Ideas can be anything: New weapon, more health, more damage, he’s a wizard! See what you can do.


King: Needs a lot of things colored yellow, most notably a layered helmet, the same sword we had with the soldier. The yellow shield can be layered too, and finally, an alien plant dyed red will complete the set. As an enemy, he seems quite formidable!

Evil Wizard: As evil as he is powerful, he consists of the same formula as the wizard staff, a metal pole, a red bottle, and a barrier with broke glass. The helmet is two horseshoes and five plates suspended around the head, and a red candle on his face. Perfect for a final boss.

Remember, not everything is perfect, and nothing is completely clear, but I did the best I could. Feel free to use and adapt these ideas for your game and if you have any cool ideas, post below. This can also be paired with other informative guides. There are other guides, so telling me about them in the comments doesn’t help.

Thanks and goodbye.


You did really good making these sentry’s look cool.

Thanks! Reply for more ideas, though it might expire soon considering I’m only a beginner.

They look good!

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