Sentry being annoying

I can edit my sentry it wont let me. PLUS THERES A NAME UNDER IT THAT WONT GO AWAY!

I want to change the name but I can’t select the sentry.

other people are having this issue. currently, this is no fix.

There is a bug happening to everyone involving the sentry

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Many people are having this issue, I’m assuming it’s temporary, so just wait a few hours.

@MilkMan Just try refreshing the map, the same thing happened to me, just refresh and you can edit/delete it if you want.

that no work also good to know one way out’s also breaking, for me at least
Screenshot 2024-02-06 8.05.53 AM

There’s many problems and guides about the sentry glitches due to the new update. No fix

If you are in creative creating a map, refresh and reload the map, and you will be able to edit it.

right i fororrrrr ;-;

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Look ):

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the witch has 2 hats ):

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