Um why is this ENEMY sentry not working

Screenshot 2024-02-06 7.53.53 AM
and that’s the incorrect name
it’s supposed to be ???

Maybe the update is messing it up? Sentrys are getting wonky with everyone.

yeah probably… i’m just trying to make a good map

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Wait, is that a player? Why do they have a name?

you can’t delete them either
Screenshot 2024-02-06 7.59.25 AM

All we can hope is the update gets fixed of bugs later. It’s probably buggy because they’re working on the DLD platforming thing.

you missed a lot in the past few hours

dude! this happend to me! i placed a sentry a while ago, came back and cant move it or delete it!

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and no it’s not a player, it has a wire coming from it

Yeah, apparently sentry’s show names now. No way to fix it that we’ve found…

I would be reporting all of these bugs, but my school blocks outside emails. All the new bugs seem to be connected to the sentry and its new update.

well, this sucks. maybe somewhere down the line in the next update they will fix it

Well, there was a guide on naming sentries, so I knew it was possible.

Yeah, it was possible before this, but i tried and can’t seem to get rid of the name now. It also cant attack anymore.

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Me too :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I have no clue what just happened on this post (and don’t need to, dont fill me in on it), but sentries appear to be broken at the moment. There isn’t a known fix we can do, but Gimkit Team will most likely release a patch sometime soonish, so I would say just try to ignore it for now.

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There have been lots of Sentry glitches in the past few days.
Everyone has it. It is because of the big platformer DLD update. (I think)
Please mark a solution because there are many topics like this cluttering the forum.
Please stop posting about stuff like this.

Stay on topic and mark a solution!

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