Sentries Knockout & Score

When you knock out a sentry, how do you add to the score when you knock them out?

(When a sentry is knocked out, how do you add it to the score?) :thinking:

go into the map settings and then into score. there should be a setting to have KOs be the score.

I have that already, and it’s not working. When I’m testing out the game after knocking out a sentry, the score is zero.

wire the sentry to a relay device, then set it to knocked out → relay
and make it relay to all players?

I’ll try it. Thank you.

It didn’t seem to work. Any other ideas?

maybe change the sentry’s team to a diff team?

Try this: How to Make a Leaderboard For Sentry Knockouts! [Difficulty: 🟧]


Thank you! I’ll try it out.

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Thank you for helping. I’ve found a solution.

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