Selecting a specific player

im trying to make a lethal company map but i want to get the teleporter to work close to how it does in lethal company

Btw i dont understand how to use blocks all that well so if its possible to keep your idea simple please try)

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Random player selector: Lifecycle (Game Start) wired to a relay (Random player) wired to whatever action you want.

Can you explain your teleporter problem further? What should it do?


the way i want it to work is to make it so that someone thats like in a sort of hub thing, can select a specific player (not random) and then press another button to teleport that specific player to the hub area thing.

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A teleporter in lethal company teleports someone that the person at the base chooses to the base.

I think popup menus would work right?

i was trying something like that but then i had to use a guide that would have been perfect but it was a little bit too complicated for me to understand but i am still trying to use those.

Try this guide:

Have it teleport a player or something


Actually, how would you teleport specific people? Hmm…

If everyone was on a different team, this might have been able to work.

Actually, we could use a relay and a trigger to compare each player’s ID to the chosen ID.

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That guide has the ability for multiple people to use it at once.

Ok, but what ‘specific player’. The player that joined first? Or what? Because different people are going to play the game.

They want a selection system that allows someone to teleport another person to the location of the “base”. The person who is teleporting the other person gets to choose.

welcome to the forms @CyboticT i too have had trouble with is

Yeah, I figured. To make this teleporter work, you’ll definitely need blocks though.

I’ll explain it if I have spare time.

Like in voting where you select someone.

I think @getrithekd 's guide uses iterative player IDs (from another one of his guides):

I think that you can use a property to represent the current number (and this property increases by 1 each time the Next button in the selector is pressed, resetting when going over the number of players in the game) and use a relay to check if each player’s ID is the same as that. If they are, it sets the Popup header to “Teleport [triggering player’s name]?”

Also I didn’t read the player selector guide beforehand at all so somethings probably not right.

As for teleporting the player, use a relay again but this time have them teleport the chosen player if their ID matches the selected ID.

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I think the specifics are covered in getrithekd’s guide.

That’s basicallly it. There’s a few more scope transitions to get the name and also a safety flap that it doesn’t get messed up when multiple people use it.

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