Scenery Help (Repost)

I am making a scenery-only map.
I need ideas to make it look good.
2 things I have already done is make 3d terrain and falling leaves from the trees.
The terrain is dry grass.
Any Ideas?

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Add pumpkins and dry bushes.

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make a pyramid maybe? Use the guide by @WolfTechnology


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Cherry blossom tree, you already made one

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yeah I will add that, but it doesn’t really go with dry grass…

Then you need to add a floor it looks good with

maybe in like a garden…

maybe add little cottages and houses that are uninhabited. (if you haven’t already.)

I don’t know if it is possible but you can make it look foggy

Maybe using a translucent gray barrier and moving to the ‘above’ layer?

use this for fog, just remove the poison effects.

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That is a good idea.

maybe something like the wild west? or a city… its up to you.

That is what I was kindof thinking

Add a fenced-off area with a pumpkin farm.