Save file, please help

I didn’t really understand @Shdwy’s guide on save files.
Can somebody explain it to me, or show me how to do it???

My teacher has goguardian, so I will check on this later

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You should probably reply to the post instead of making a new guide :sweat_smile:

Yeah can you reply on that post and not this one? also ping him, bh, or getrithekd. they would know that.


Lol, I’m trying to do the same thing! I have ad so many issues with it! For some reason it gives me a random code, not the original save code.


Yeah… It was a bit confusing, let me read it again and i will try to summmerize it for u


@getrithekd this Person need help making a save file

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Yeah… It was confusing, ima read it again and try to explain it to u

Maybe this can help?

Lol, there it is. The start of all my issues.

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I’m assuming you didn’t get an answer? :joy:

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I did, but like I said, it gave me a random code instead of the actual save code. I’ve had to delay the update to my game several times, and the update still hasn’t come out. ‘sigh’.

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oof, i feel bad. thats why i don’t deal w/ code :confused:

I like doing code bc it’s fun.

I agree, im starting to learn it because of this forum.

The only code I do is Scratch, and I’m bad at that lol

It’s ok. In fact, I’m waiting for @Here_to_help to respond on that conversation because he’s the only one who understands his own work. I could try to explain it…

this is @Shdwy’s work… not Here_to_help’s. here is a summary
When you get to a certainnt area, a counter will go up.
Lets pretend in the middle of the game, you stop, and you get the number 6
When you come back you enter 6 into the game. then you have a device to see when you put six inotthe thing, then it will teleport you to your progress.
Hope this hlps @Crimson_Knight @Godspawnking
(Also @WolfTechnology pls check to see if this works, this is a oversimplified version of the thing)


I used a different code. Also, I understood the guide and I made it, it just doesn’t work for some reason. I have checked it multiple times.

ok, so can you first give me some screenshots?