Rock Paper Scissors Help

How would you do this with multiple people?

Rock Paper Scissors Guide

Also, some ideas for minigames would be nice!

pinging some people

@Captain-Gim @LlamaLady22

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I don’t know, I’ll Try it in gimkit myself and tell you if I figured it out

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So you want multiple people to play 1 game at once, all against each other??? (Lets say 4)

No, just a 1v1

Well what does multiple people mean???
Like if there are more that 2 people in the game?


Thanks for pinging me, but just wondering why? Also, I’m making the game right now to figure it out.

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Well you would need to make multiple arenas, and the best way to actually make the teams you would want to make them all on different teams, so maybe using team switchers or free for all. (I don’t know about FFA) And put spawn pads for each specific team in each box, you would need to make the devices broadcast on different channels, and make different properties for each game area.


Okay so, I’m making Minigames(so that everyone won’t have to just play rock paper scissors), so I was wondering about making it so that everyone will be on different teams, and using relays(Player on specific team) get teleported to their own rock paper scissors game against someone else.


I think that it should work…

Don’t quote me on that

Btw if it doesn’t work then maybe you could use this guide to make the player switch to teams, IDK. (Btw I’m making a thumbnail right now so I might not respond right away, also need to go to school soon)


I’m having trouble making rock, paper, scissors, quickly, but I can provide idea. Is the game platformer or top-down though?

Still wondering why I was pinged.

Someone is going to flag you

Dude, what’s the point of being a banspeedrunner? People actually enjoy the forums and your annoying/making them leave, its not funny. If you really want that kind of attention go somewhere else and do it.


For real dude. Btw that guy is right next to me he is my friend im telling him to stop

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I agree, but saying that is pointless. They don’t care. And as pharlain said, just flag the trolls and forget them.



For Captain-Gim's Eyes

Just because you’re pretty good at GKC and you love being pinged

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Thanks a lot, didn’t think many people read bios, and stuff, but anyways, here are some ideas:

  • Mini-Soccor
  • Mini-Battle Royale
  • Race track (Remember that one time you joined my game and helped with that track?)
  • Animated mini-boss battle
  • A find the button

I am also working on a mini-game game, but it’s platformer, and now I’ve got a question. How do you check 2 properties and minus 1 or add 1 to get the same number as the other.

I can provide more if needed, that’s all that comes to mind. Also, I decided I was going to figure out a new way to do rock paper scissors, but it’s not working now. So since LlamaLady22 made it I’ll leave it to them to figure out.

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Alright! Thank you.

I’ll try to find a way to do that.
I don’t need more, but thanks for the ideas!

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you can use blocks…

like this

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That’s what I’m doing. I’ll picture it, give me a moment.

Cap's own problem

How do you subract one from something to make it equal then brodcast a massage. This should work right?

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