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I created a battle royale style game, but I have one issue. After getting knocked out, the other players become a spectator. After there is only one Gim left, all the gims should respawn back in the lobby. How would I do this?

Welcome to the forum, @moneydude242 !!! I’m not sure how exactly you would do this, as currently you cannot make players switch to another team from spectator.

Don’t forget to look in the battle-royale tag for more ideas and welcome to the community @moneydude242!

this should help

Yes, I have figured out how to end the game, but how would I switch the players back to being alive, and then respawn them?

You can’t switch a player from spectator back to normal again.
You’ll have to end the game and start it again.

You currently cannot change them back from spectator, but perhaps you could have them be in a waiting room of sorts after they die?

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I see. Thank you for your help! (how do i mark this question as resolved)


(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out > (Trigger) Trigger (1 second delay)

(Trigger) Triggered > (Teleporter) Teleport Player Here

You could use a resolved tag? (and welcome to the community!)

The resolved tag is now unused as there are now solutions.

Resolved tags have been, well, resolved, as they’ve added solutions.

Oh I didn’t know that, I thought it is so people can look through things if they have the same problem and need help

actually, the resolved tag still has some posts, its main use now is to mark posts made before solutions.

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Welcome @moneydude242 !

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