Resetting block code

So if there is a trigger and the trigger has block code (like the one in my voting) if I deactivated the trigger then activated it would that reset the block code?

IDK. Let me test.

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Nevermind guys I’ll just test myself. Thanks tho. I’m just going to keep this up for a bit longer incase I have questions.

It didn’t work.

Does anyone know?

I got nothin

maybe create a block that disables the other

@getrithekd Do you know how to reset block code so it can be used again?

What do you mean?

So for my vote system I could use it only one time because then the block code already ran and wouldn’t work.

Could you just trigger the trigger again?

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No I tried. You know if know one knows I’m just going close this post and figure this out myself.

Like when you have trigger code like randomizers going and it stops after like 2 rotations and need manually restarted?

No so in this guide by myself: The Magentian Version of Voting (Difficulty, 🟨)
The checking votes part only worked 1 time. After that it wouldn’t check.

ummm then no idea…i had what i said happen when making fnaf. i can try and help after christmas break…(i can just ping you if I figure it out)

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Ok thanks.

No problem…( maybe wait for haisia or dragon or shdwy?) they might be able to

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Wait, so which part of the thing won’t work multiple times? can you sent the picture please?

Basically my thing checks for who has the most of an item (bait) and the person with the most gets switched to specators. I want to be able to press the finalize votes button multiple times.
You vote for someone and that gives them bait. (item) Everyone is on their own team so it works.
Screen Shot 2023-12-08 at 7.02.03 PM

Now to finalize the votes, a button triggers a relay (all players) which triggers a trigger.

First trigger code:

That first trigger triggers a relay (all players) on the channel “start end selector” and the relay outputs "end selector. The second trigger is triggered by “end selector”. Its code is:
Screen Shot 2023-12-08 at 6.59.17 PM
Then the player gets switched to specators on specators.
Now I just need to know how to make it go multiple times. The counters get reset and when people vote the second time to finalize button doesn’t do anything. On the first time it works.