Reporting Something

Hey @josh I just saw something I need to report how do I report it?

You click the three dots and then the flag

There are no 3 dots for me?!?!?

Edit: your a basic user so you haven’t earned the ability to report yet

What doe it show is there a flag

You probably don’t want to ping Josh (or any of the staff).

Nothing as you can see in my screenshot below:

Well I have no ideas.

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You are TL1, there won’t be any option to flag until you become TL2

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Me neither duh.
Is there a gimkit support email?


The person who made this topic is TL1, and needs to wait to become TL2 to report stuff.


No, it must be a Discourse thing. Maybe it’s because you only joined 12 days ago (I think) and TL1.


When I was TL1 I got to flagged people

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Don’t reply anymore because this topic has been solved.

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I kinda said that earlier but oh well


@gim_guy that not true A lot of people got to flagged ability and in Discobot tutorial you literally flag discobot see my point unless he didn’t to the tutorial he would have the flag ability and if that what you think you probably did the tutorial late and don’t ignore me @gim_guy because somehow so much people got flagging right at tl1.

People who made this platform made it possible only to flag from the discobot tutorial.

Now stop making this random debate or argument.

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stop replying, this is getting off-topic.

Okay i’ll stop it’s about him wanting to report someone right or am I wrong?