Repeater that stops on a channel... without a repeater (2/10 or 🟩)

Repeaters are the most useless device in the game, they take up 400 memory and can be emulated with other devices!

Today I will make one that stops and starts when receiving on a channel!


2 triggers and a wire repeater

(2 buttons, and a counter)

All you need to do is to place down one trigger and set its settings to these

now get a wire repeater: (the time is just how much time you want to be delayed each time)
and connect it to the first trigger

Now get another trigger
(set the delay to the same as the wire repeater)

now get devices that:
trigger the repeating process: suggested: button, or lifecycle
start and stop the “trigger repeater”: suggested: button, game overlay
task the repeater does: suggested: (counter)

now your done!

– Chrysostom



Glad to see the repeater get the HATE that it deserves :relieved: /j

Hey! That’s mean to the repeater! But you got a point.

The repeater was the first “advanced” device I tried to learn when I first joined Gimkit, 2 hours of pain and learning T-T

I never want to see it again.

Yeah, repeaters are really useless…

I’ve only used it in a map ONCE, and that was to show my sister how it worked.

Have you made the padlet yet? My user is the same as my forum one.

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Yes! I created it! I pinged you all so you can add your username!

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