Remainder Function: Ignore Guide Better Explanation in Comments by BlackHole927

This will take properties and give the remainder if you divide by some amount. This has some surprising uses, such as for an infinite keyboard, mayber boolean statements, and maybe simplification of Helpian monopoly.

What you need:
1x trigger
1x checker
2-3x properties

So I previously discussed how to make functions. I don’t know how to quote other posts, so can somebody reply to that? Anyways, you make a function with 1 number property named Dividend. Next, make a number property named Remainder. After this, make a number property named Divisor broadcasts on the channel Remainder when it is changed. Set Dividend first, because the Divisor starts the function.

Now place the trigger down and make blocks that if the Dividend is greater than Divisor, subtract the divisor from the dividend. In the same case, broadcast on channel Repeat. For the else case, set the dividend equal to the remainder.

Place down a checker that checks for an item that is not used in your game. Wire the checker to the the trigger. Here is what the end result should look like:

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Nice guide!

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Wow very good!

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Great guide! The only thing I have to say about this is that if you’re in a memory pinch, this code also works with a few less blocks:


Great guide! There is no such thing as lxian monopoly.

How is this supposed to simlify Monopoly? I have edited almost as much as I can, with recursion and concatenation.