Recreating Game mode gimmicks: Fishtopia [Unfinished]


Do you want to create how you fish like in Fishtopia?
Well, this guide is here to help!

1x Button
3x Popup
1x Questioner
7x Item Granter
1x Checker
1x Trigger

  1. Create a body of water with water (moving) terrain, it should be walls and
    6 x 4 in size.
  2. Place a button in the center of the body of water.
  3. Go into its settings and set it to this:
  4. In the buttons settings, click on “change size” And max the size of the surrounding circle on the button (DO NOT increase the size of the button.)
  5. Get out a checker device and set the settings to this:

  6. Get out a Popup and set its settings to this:

  7. Wire the Checker to the Popup (Check Fails - Open Popup)
  8. Get another Model and wire the checker to the Device (Check passes - Open Popup)
  9. Set Popup B’s Settings to this:
  10. Get a Wire repeater and Wire the checker to the device (Check passes - Repeat the wire pulse!)


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Nice wip, might want to add “(WIP)” to the title.
You should probably credit other guides in the fishtopia tag.

Nah boi I made this without any help from other guides.

You still might want to credit them because it’s courtesy and it’s similar guides.
(I wonder how you’re gonna do the randomizer blockcode)

you could get a vending machine, and put the different types of fish in

I published the finished product, it’s called “Fishtopia Demonstration”
Edit: Oh and how can you even edit other peoples posts?

I’m gonna check that out soon

You can’t do that, TL3s can only recategorize topics titles and #categories.

Edit: I have successfully edited this post

correctomundo, @Haiasi

You should probably credit this:

Nice wip !

I am a dummy, so i don’t know how to edit this post so I can make part 2

Your editing limit ran out.
I can make a wiki post with infinite editing limit if you want.

Now I know I can’t make part 2 with an editing limit.
Edit: Might as well delete this post
Edit 2: Since when I could start marking solutions?

Do you want me to make a wiki with infinite editing time?

This is a post that will never be finished, just see the finished product instead.

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