Recommendations - What to add?

Hello. What should I add to my map? Bellow are screenshots!

Can you give us some more information of the goal of the game is? Please

Things to change:
The layers of some terrain so that everything isn’t connected. Also, maybe consider making custom barrier patterns and not using Space (Moving) for a walkable surface (I’m not sure if you can walk on it or not)
I don’t like whatever the road is called, but that’s my opinion. Also, the frozen lake feels a bit weird on a spaceship.

i don’t even know what im looking at, what is this game about
why do the pathways just connect, they don’t even connect to other places

Things to add:
More props
More rooms

Also, pls put this in art

Goal of game - In Space / NASA.

Also please don’t make duplicate topics, as it creates clutter.

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Ok. Space (Moving) Is walkable. You can choose Wall OR Floor.

This isn’t a duplicate topic

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This is a different one but thanks Banana!

I don’t really like when space is walkable, it just feels weird
But your choice anyways

Sorry I was just checking

Thanks for the feedback! If you have ANY ideas, give them to me!

Screenshot 2024-07-10 6.23.17 PM

Some tips for you:
Don’t use the same layer for floor and wall terrian, it looks weird.
Use camera views for different rooms, and yes, more rooms.
Enable your grid snap while placing a row of the props.
Make your barriers more…exquisite by change its size, alpha and color.

Thank You! I will work on it and add more!