Really weird glitch

Recently, I’ve been building maps, only for a device to bug and not work. First, it was a relay, then sentry, then now I can’t make it when a player dies, they go to the enemy team. I already made my lifecycle, player knocked out, then wire that to when it happens, team switcher makes them go team 2. But for some reason, it wont work. Anyone have a explaination? I already went back through all my devices, and nothing there.

Now it randomly works, and now it randomly doesn’t.

Maybe you have slow internet where you live?

This has been happening to me where a relay wouldn’t work.

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This has been happening for about the span of 1 and a half months. And I’m very sure my internet isn’t the problem. Before this even happened, everything was working, till out of no where it just bugs.

I’m just gonna mark a solution to stop clutter.

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