Really Really Hard escape room

So, I need help making an really good escape room. (because lots of escape that I have seen are like really really bad so I want to make a good one) I also want it to be really really really hard.

try using this guide for ideas:

I know, but do you have any specific ideas?, because those have proplebely already been used, so I want somthing, new, hard, and freash

Well, if you’re asking for something that’s hopefully never been done, I don’t really have any good ideas. Perhaps someone else does?


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What other escape rooms lack: time and effort. If it’s good it will be weeks or months of work. I know because I’m making my own

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I have no ideas, I looked through the guide that @Coolcaden26 posted, and it gave me like no ideas, I really need help. (I would try and go through what the other help things about escape room ask, but they are to long, so I just need some really good ideas)

give the link to gimkit websites that leads to random maps, and the first letters of the maps is a code.

nothing like that, just hard, no theme (madey ill add that at the end)

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Timed Amogus task- I mean Terminals that have puzzles, like choosing the highest durability block out of 3 blocks in 5 seconds.