Ranking the Top 10 Used Devices (Difficulty)


This device is used very often, just from game start to pretty much any occurrence in the game, to make sure when that event occurs, something will happen. I would rank this as a Beginner device as it is used among almost everyone and is probably one of the simplest devices there are, even though it makes a big impact

Vending Machine

This is a commonly used device that can grant you any item in exchange for something else. I would rank this as an Intermediate device as there are a few hidden features that beginners wouldn’t use. But, beginners can definitely use the basic functions.


This is a very common used device by many skilled players and very difficult games. It is pretty hard to understand what it does, and many beginners shouldn’t start with this, so I would rank this as a Veteran device. There aren’t many functions in the device that are easily used for a beginner.


The popup is one of many ways to show information to a player. It has many basic functions that are very easy to use, but again, there are 1 or 2 functions that would be a little difficult for those who just started GKC (Like CTA). Since this is mostly a basics device, it would probably be a Beginner-Intermediate device.


This is one of the only ways to fight an opponent and actually die (not respawn). It might be the most commonly used device in all of GKC. It has many features to it but I think that they are all pretty simple and this would probably land in the Beginner device section.


This is a very commonly used device when trying to activate something. It is used in many maps and is pretty simple with most of its settings. As it has a few tough settings for beginners to understand, I’m putting this in the Intermediate device section.


This device is used whenever you want an event or something to happen when a player is in a broad area. It has many simple functions but has a few tough functions like item decay that would make the zone functions a little harder, but since those aren’t used as often, I think this lands in the Beginner-Intermediate device section.


This is a device that acts sort of like a wall. It has very few features and pretty much all of them are as simple as can be. Changing the color, collision, and size are pretty simple so I’d put this in the Beginner device category.


Just like the barrier, it can make a big impact on your game, it has many wire functions but they are all pretty simple enough for a beginner to figure out. Because of that, I would put the button in the Beginner category.


Last but not least, we have the counter. It can track how many times an action has been done and has many functions to help your game. Of those functions, there are few difficult settings, but using blockcode, it can be extremely difficult so I’d put it in the Intermediate-Veteran section as there are many simple settings but can get really hard.


I hope you enjoyed this guide on the difficulty of 10 devices and until next time. A :heart: would be appreciated!

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What should I add next?

how DARE you add repeater on there


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mostly just for people who enjoy using their 10 repeaters or don’t know how to use/much alternatives

also have you even seen me and cheesebox’s venn diagrams? the guide also kinda says the repeater fails its’ own job to the trigger


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Counter is not beginner/intermediate. There are so many block-level functions you can get with counters.


Yeah, but the basic functions are pretty easy, a beginner could use the main functions.

If you only consider the most basic functions of anything, anything is very basic. Don’t make this mistake. Counters also have usages that make blocks obsolete.


I agree with this chart, atleast in my opinion, only thing is counter, I’m a beginner and I’m confused so hard with the counter, idk why, and property I definitely agree with.

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SO would it be Intermediate or Veteran?

Something higher than it is currently. Maybe veteran since you need to be veteran to unlock the full potential.

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