Mini-Guide - Hiding Polls in Details Section

This is a guide explaining how to put polls in details sections, like the example below:

Hidden Poll
  • Option 1
  • Option 2
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The Code:

Hidden Poll      

[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
* Option 1
* Option 2 


Don’t use BBcode for summaries! It will not work!

Summary [poll name=poll3 type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
  • 1
  • 2
[/ [poll ]


  1. To start a details section, write <details> on a line byitself.
  2. Then, write <summary> on a line by itself.
  3. Write the title of the poll on a line by itself.
  4. Close off the title with </summary>.
  5. Then, create a blank line by itself.
  6. Create your poll! Use How to Create a Poll for more information.
  7. Create another blank line byitself under the poll.
  8. Close your details section with </details>.

Trust me, nobody knows how to do this, so I decided to make this guide.


arrow brackets and not square or do they not matter?

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The arrow-shaped brackets makes the poll work, because the summary section is in HTML code. When trying to put BBcode in HTML code, it will not be modified, thus creating the poll. The same cannot be said for the [.] brackets, using them will not properly work with polls.

oh now I get it


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Also, have you noticed when typing angled brackets, the text disappears? What you are typing is HTML code.

Nice Forum Guide!

Hidden Poll
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Wow this is crazy

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oh anyways I gtg 2 bed cuz’ it’s like 11:00 pm

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Noice guide!

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Wait, is it the same format for all of it?
Hide details in hide details, blurs, etc…

Does anyone know?