Random voter check

I want buttons at the voting and one a button is triggered it shows in the activity feed
_____ voted for _____! and the person with the most votes get kicked out to a spectator team

You’d have to use buttons, triggers and pseudo teaming.

Uh… give me a second.

I don’t think you can do that and if you can sorry for the misunderstanding.

Get Not-Impossibled

Also, sorry jeff for linking an unlisted post

No, it’s possible. Give me a second.

It’s pretty easy. In my voting system, you just add a few blocks. Hang on for a bit. I have to eat breakfast.

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I’m n my system, you have to make the block in the trigger for voting guilty have the activity feed block showing [Triggering Player’s Name] + “ voted for “ + get property [P Current Player Name]


please don’t bump a topic unless its 3 days or older.

You don’t need to bump help posts,
plus the most recent activity was only one hour.

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i really need help on this tho

did you try @getrithekd ‘s solution?

I thought it was five, well what can we do to help you @Penguin101?

idk im not that good im stupid at pseudo things but i understand the concept

i could try it, but he made me confused. it wasn’t specific enogh

You could wait for them to reply, I’ve already pinged them.

I don’t have that understanding, never was taught.

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well i want a button that says when clicked _______voted For _______!

and the person with the highest votes dies