Random TP Issue

Background Information:

My devices are linked up so if the button is pressed check if the player has answered at least one question.

If the check is successful it will trigger 4 relays which will each select a random player on specific team (teams 1 to 4)

and then teleport them to the target of one of 4 separate teleporters.

Problem: When I press the button everyone in the game will be teleported to one of the four teleporters (if there are four people they each head to a different teleporter) when I need it so it only affects the person that pressed the button, not everyone else in the game.

Im out of replies so I’m responding here

  • So when the player has answered the question grant 1x energy then the checker checks for that.
  • No
  • I want a randomizer only for the player who pressed the button.


  • its teleporting everyone, I only need it to tp the player who pressed the button


  • I’ll check that post

Well then it won’t check if you answered a question

*There is a little issue, if I changed my setup to the one in the video then multiple people could teleport to the same area. I can’t have this because then people would spawn kill. Ty for trying to help though I really appreciate it! : )

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But didn’t you select a random one layer from team 1, another one for team two, and on and on for the rest?

How did you do this?
Is it from a Counter-Linked Property and a Checker checking for that property?
(Just making sure)

So you want a randomizer only for the player who pressed the button?

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By the logic of the devices, one person from each team is teleported, and that’s in the post. What’s confusing me is this:



Oh just make the button go to the teleporter.