Random Speed Boost

Hello there!

I need help on random Speed, to make the play like uncontrollable but like they can kinda control it. And like fall out the map

Sorry if the wording sucks, I’m in a rush rn

How do you “kinda” control it?

so lets just say, you put the number to 6, the number that’s random will be 6.25 or 5.26 or 7.98 you know? idk how i’m gonna do that.

Do you know how to make a randomizer?
Also, so if you generate a random number, you want the other random numbers to be close to it?

i’m gonna use speed motifiers.

Wait, that was not what i asked

Use different speed modifiers that are activated by a channel on a randomizer.
(If you don’t know how to build a randomizer then: How to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version))

Repeater, trigger, speed boosts.

Lots and lots of speed boosts.

Repeater for the interval.
Trigger for block code randomizer.
Speed boosts to adjust speed.

for your answer, Yes I do know how to.

what about my second question.

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