Random Spawn For Sentries

So if you’ve ever watched youtube you may have seen Forge Labs yes he plays minecraft and most of his videos are like 3 hours but back on topic well not really Forge Lab’s newest video is where he survives 100 days in evolving parasites disgusting but interesting to me. I need help so like parasites (A.K.A Sentries) spawn randomly on the map how do I do that?

You cannot unless you activate random sentries but that would take a lot of them.

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-:frowning: I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that
is there another solution?

you can’t have them randomized, unless you have them pre placed in the editor. then you can randomize the spawning. Aka the activation enabling.

wait what if I have my sentries activate when receiving a number and then have a trigger pick between 1-100 and yea I think you get the gist. Do you think it would work?

as long as the channels are sort of the same for that, i would presume so. But have you looked at a randomizer guide?

nooo but I think I know how to make one I partially seen a guide

well, i would say look at one and base the item on sentrys, their than that it should be easy to understand and make. Maybe try to follow this guide.

How to make a quick easy randomizer(updated version)

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THat’s good I skimmed it:)

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