Random location selection

So to Start make a setup like this and connect the button to the trigger when pressed–> trigger
Screenshot 2024-02-22 12.21.48 PM
make a property like this

now create a trigger block and set it up like this

create another trigger block (different) and set it up like this

for this we are using two. for more increase the get random number and assign different numbers to channels
Screenshot 2024-02-22 12.25.52 PM
Set up a teleporter like this
Screenshot 2024-02-22 12.26.19 PM
now place a new trigger and set the channel to this
Screenshot 2024-02-22 12.27.27 PM
Now set up the coding like this!
this will mean that when the button is pressed it will teleport you to a random location!
this is my first guide. not sure how it will go. I will work hard to keep it correct! thank you!

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you might want to make your poll like this though you will probably have to delete it and remake it…with the was this helpful as title not answer…just to be annoying people are going to pick was this helpfull.

yeah I’m not quite good at making polls. Thanks!

I don’t mean to be mean but we already have guides for this and groups work a lot better

there are more of these

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How about you add more to this today while you can because of editing restrictions, that adds more like how it can be used, and maybe more instructions and stuff to make it unique…also do you want me to keep the poll I made and you can use that one instead?

i will but i’m pretty busy right now. i will make sure when I get some free time