Questions I need help

Umm 2 quick questions,

How do I make it so that you can do a animation on a map


How do u delete a account here?

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How to make animation- enable and disable props that are next to each other
How to delete account- I’m not sure.

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  1. Why do you want o delete your account and 2. check out this guide: How to Make Animation | Difficulty: 🟧

Edit: I have checked online and yeah there is no way to delete your account in discourse. Sorry.


It can be deleted when you have not posted anything yet. Otherwise message moderators!

Why though? This community is really nice (At least in my opinion.)


Or if it’s within one day of account creation

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However it seems like this users account is definitely not one day old nor has it not posted. The only way to get your account deleted is if you messaged the mods and you’d have to do something REALLY bad to get banned. Also if you message the mods too much you might get suspended.


You could basically delete your account by making everything automatically be muted and you could sign out

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