Questioner Answer Value

In a questioner, how can you get the value of the answer given? Like a variable in the blocks that is equal to whatever answer the player gave in the questioner.


I don’t think you can do that yet…

For example? (Brain is confused)

If you mean a specific question on a specific kit, that is not possible yet… If you wanted it to only be correct/incorrect, that may be possible?

You can answer a question, then log the XP in a data chart, then repeat multiple times, then get the average XP you get per question by calculating the average. The more times you do this, the more accurate your answer is.

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I meant like if the kit is a type in answer kit, how do you get a variable as a block that is equal to whatever was typed

You cannot right now. If it was make a in-game chat would be a lot easier though

So, if a student types in ‘answer’, then we need to run code to see what the student said, in this case ‘answer’?