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Hi, everyone! I am creating an Among Us game, and I’ve made quite a bit of progress. Thanks so much to The Ultimate Among Us Guide! I’ve already created a rather basic system to choose the Gimposter (I made that name all by myself :slight_smile: ) But I still need help in making sure the Gimposter knows who they are! The problem is that everyone has a ‘eliminate player’ button, but it only works for the Gimposter! I can’t manage to create a popup or notification to tell the Gimposter that they must eliminate all the crewmates. The only way for someone to know with certainty that they’re the Gimposter is to try and eliminate someone - which isn’t very strategic regarding the fact no one else can know. Please help me! :frowning:

To do this: the imposter will be on team 2 while everyone else is on team 1.
When the game begins, a lifecycle on game start will send a message to a relay.
The relay is for all players on team 2. The relay sends on a channel.
A pop-up opens from that channel.

Your map needs to be cooperative for this to work though!

@chunky that didn’t work… Good idea though, thx :face_exhaling:

Is the map cooperative or are all players on team 1?

You should find what you need in here.

You need to make it in a way so that the imposter will end up on team 2, and then send a relay to everyone on that second team that will inform them.

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@chunky It’s cooperative, but I used a lifecycle, relay, and team switcher to make 1 imposter just like you said :disappointed_relieved:

How does the imposter selection work? If it’s a random player, switch them to team 2 on the same channel that selects the imposter.

@WhoAmI I’ve figured out how to get the Gimposter on Team 2, thanks to the guide. But I can’t figure out how to make it so that after the imposter is chosen, either all the crewmates lose the eliminate player button or a notification is sent to the Gimposter…

Only have the button for Team 2, and notifications only on Team 2.

@Beagles I’m intrigued. How would I do this?

Well, when it sends out the notification there should be a setting that says which team and you want it Team 2.

I’ve gotten that part down, but when should I send the notification? If I send it at the start, the Gimposter hasn’t been decided yet. :tired_face:

Using the channel to get the imposter on team 2, this channel would also send the notification that only shows to team 2.

Well, I am just using what I know about GKC guides. It would send out a channel to choose the imposter. (don’t use this) Just use @chunky’s and @Sythic’s solutions!

Have it so that when the wire/channel chooses the imposter through the random relay that it also sends out a notification and shows the k!ll button or gives the gadget. (idk which one you are doing) but set the range for that to player or team and not global


Everyone, thank you so so so so so so so so so so much! It actually worked!

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@Beagles Hey, by the way, how do you blur the text like that?

So there is a cog above the text:
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In there is Blur Spoiler. Along with

Hide details

Screenshot 2024-06-23 6.47.47 PM

(I was looking for a picture of a potato.)

I got it, thanks a lot!

That helps

a lot.

If you want just an arrow remove the Summary