Publishing help

what do you do if you publish your map on discovery and it’s not there?

Have you checked the newest releases?


it won’t immediately be there probably

Wait a few minutes, and/or restart the page, that loads different maps every time you refresh.

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It has bean out for months and it is still not there I’ve tried publishing it again but it didn’t work.

cool what is it ill check

theres a lot of maps and maybe they were released at the same time

remember that he published it twice

It’s called Space Adventure.

Did you try searching for it (ex. keywords in the description and title)
It might’ve got taken down if that’s the case.
What’s it about?

whats the map called
oh nvm

I now it has been like that for months.

I’ll try publishing it AGAIN.

do u have the season ticket?

is it published or did you make a link

Yes I do have the season ticket.

ok then publish it ill check 5 mins after

I suggest waiting a minute or two before publishing it again

it is published I did not make a link.

Ii has been months since I released it.