Pseudo-sentry health and (maybe?) pseudo-player health hit detection system

Hello, chunky here. Time to get into the guide.

So the idea behind pseudo-sentry health is having a sentry at a low health, like 1. This means when the sentry is hit, it will die. But the sentry will respawn in less than a second, so this gives us a way of tracking sentry health, in a pseudo-way.

How to make it

First, grab a sentry. (duh) You may want it to have low health.

Next, change the when sentry dies channel to “sentry dies”.

Now grab a property.

Now, grab a trigger.

In the blocks,

In the sentry,

grab a repeater (or a trigger) to repeat every second, you’ll need it to update the text.

Finally, grab a text device and put it under the sentry.

In the blocks when receiving on a channel every second:

And you’re done! The sentry now has pseudo-health, useful for if you want the sentry to move.

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One step closer to chasing sentries!

Hopefully this gui…
Wait a second.
I forgot about the pseudo-player health and hit detection system.

So.. the reason why this has a research tag,

If this could be applied to players, too, that would be a hit-detection system, so we could finally implement pseudo-health for players. My idea is:

We would have a lifecycle of "player knocked out". The default player health should be low. When a trigger receives on player knocked out, it decreases the value of a player-scoped property. If we could get the player to appear at the same place, using a ton of checkpoints, this would be a nice player-hit detection system, maybe for minigames using pseudo-health.

I tried to implement this, however it does not work in my map. Checkpoints are also memory-costly. I'm not really an expert in player-scoped properties, so any help would be appreciated in helping me develop this player hit detection system.

Feel free to make a guide for the player hit detection! I might do it faster than you though hehehehe


Awesome guide, @chunky! I love it!
(you’re turning into the pseudo-forum user)


I’m pumping out guides rn.
Another guide coming… soon.
pseudo-forum user XD


I bet soon you could make a all pseudo map!


instead of block code, you could just decrement a counter…
block code is so much memory


for us technical gimkitters we LOVE block code.
And you also need block code for the text, and, well, pseudo-health wouldn’t be useful without properties.

yummy properties.


um, true but sometimes don’t use it when its not necessary

ehhh… well in your guide it doesn’t serve much of a purpose but enable block code

valid argument


wait I just realized that this could be helpful for a pokemon type Gimkit game


but in pokemon, you use moves and not gadgets…
unless it’s like gadget-mon or whatever lol

Anyways, nice guide! I guess it’s not exactly pseudo-sentry health but it’s 1 step closer!


This is a great guide! I wouldn’t recommend putting checkpoints all over the map though unless it’s a really small map… Also with this system you can only detect when a player hits a sentry, not how much damage the player deals, so not exactly ideal.

That’s true I only used 8 lines of block code for my “Call of the Scarecrow” map.


Cool guide! and…