Pseudo inventory help

so the reason im saying this is cuz im working on pseudo inventory and it wont take away the items once the button is pressed i checked the checkers added delay and checked the item granter code (which i think is the problem) still no fix here is the block code i have for the item granter
Screenshot 2023-11-30 10.23.51 AM
(full name of property is ¨gold seed amount¨)

Do you want to take away all the items or just 1 item?

No, use an item granter.

depends on what the property´s number is and iim updates it and the checker check that property amount (greater than 0) and if it passes it takes away all the specific items depending on what the property amount is and stores it in each item named storage property

i did this is the item granters code thats probs the problem cassius

This is why I don’t do pseudo-things…

here is the whole system gimme a sec

the regular item named ones store the specific tems

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Oh you mean this. Like extra storage? The pseudo-inven i was thinking of was using pseudo-items. I don’t know how to solve this, sorry.

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yeah it is pretty complicated but i´ll ping @getrithekd to see if he can help

oof well i guess i´ll make a guide on this and call it bugged cuz im gonna abandon this system since it isnt exactly what ya wanted i guess

No you dont have to abandon this system. I can think of a way to do it. Maybe like in 2-3 days.

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oki i mean even if you might not be able to solve it i appreciate the help

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It’s not that complicated. A property and a checker. Blocks to give the player the pseudo items.

this is not pseudo items i havent built that version yet this is just storing in game items and i need help with the item granter code to see if im wrong or not @getrithekd

i fixed it!!! all i had to do was reorder some blocks and put some other properties in place i will be making a guide soon

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