Help with 2.5D Map!

im still working on pseudo inventory however i´ve just had trouble with the block code a subtracting a players amount of item with a property and an item granter i can show you what i mean but i´ll continue this in my help post which has sunk into the depths

can i have the link to it?

sure lemme get it rq

Teleporter chain: so your teleporters just connect to each other so when your running thru the abyss to escape, you hit the teleporter and go back to the start of the abyss

I think…

Also, i dont get what he means by “the abyss”

here ya go clef im pretty close im just having problems with the block code Pseudo inventory help - #7 by Blackfox45666

Just an infinite pit of nothingness that you are stuck in I guess…


yeah pretty much just something to fall into


Also, this game is more of a hunger games-style game, not a race.

This looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it when done!

Is the map part done already?


Oh, no. That was just an example.

oh but in case if you’re gonna add something like that but for like a river

sorry i WAS on an ipad and autocorrect sucks on it, i have to wait for the on-screen keyboard to sync with the screen, and now i’m on a computer listening to music on my ipad

Teach me, I’m right here!

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Well, any ideas? All are appreciated.

You need a chat which is planned I see, If this is gimkit.
Ingame Chat System made by @Dayy

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Where did you make this at?

??? What art? If you mean the 2.5D map example, I got it offa google. Also,


Oh. And not art. Litteraly at

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