(📢 PSA!) Emoji Colour Difficulty Guide

as a fact I’m Canadian. it’s just American Englishers that do that

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Rating: 7.5/10

The tutorial ‘Emoji Colour Difficulty Guide’ by @Cryptoraider_Gemkit is a unique resource that offers a great way for creators to rate the difficulty of their tutorials. It’s clear, engaging, and inclusive, which makes it a great resource for the community. Here are some strengths and areas for improvement:


  1. Clear Title: The title is specific and accurately reflects the content of the guide.
  2. Target Audience: The guide effectively targets content creators, helping them understand how to communicate the difficulty level of their guides.
  3. Language: The guide uses a friendly and casual tone, making it engaging and relatable for the audience.
  4. Instructions: The instructions are clear, straightforward, and easy to follow.
  5. Value: The guide provides valuable information to creators by offering a simple method to categorize their tutorial difficulty levels.

Areas for improvement:

  1. Structure: The guide could be more structured to enhance readability. Bulleted lists or numbered steps could help organize the information more effectively.
  2. Visuals: Including sample emoji icons with each difficulty level might make the guide more visually appealing and easier to understand.
  3. Conclusion: A conclusion summarizing the main points of the guide and explaining its importance could help reinforce the guide’s purpose.
  4. Interactivity: Encouraging comments, questions, or feedback could make the guide more interactive and engage readers more effectively.

In conclusion, this guide serves a unique purpose and is generally well-executed, but it could be improved with better structure, more visuals, a clear conclusion, and increased interactivity. Despite its areas for improvement, it is a creative tool that adds value to the community.

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How about we add an extra tier: For things that feel like you died inside listening to the rabbit hole of explaining it, or a topic that even the pros have a hard time grasping. :black_large_square:


I would like this, but I am out of likes.


I mean… no? you could make your own guide but I cant change this

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What is the tag, beginner-must-read?

Beginner-must-read is a tag for guides recommended for beginners of gimkit.

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Wow, this guide is old now.

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I never saw this…

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@Cryptoraider_Gemkit Small fix, in the very easy section you forgot to add “every” between almost and gim

Not exactly related, but emoji colors make the guide-making process more difficult.

Originally, we used the colors, but it’s very hard to type in the emoji.
Then, we shifted to numbers, e.g. 3/10.

There were also tags once used but it figures it is better to use the numerical values.

I have a question: Why did we not use the numerical difficulty system until the recent days of the forum?

okay/ im rarely on forum anyways

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also is this outdated?
:red_square: :orange_square: :yellow_square: :green_square: :blue_square: :purple_square:

Colors are more fun. Yay!

its from may 2023, sooooo yeah