Props for a pool room

what kind of props should I use for my poolroom?

A boat.

Space beds
Text devices with emojis of humans, animals, etc

probably an idea like this
images (1)

That ain’t no pool…

That’s a dock…

like an indoor pool but those will work too

  • Small flags in barrels to look like little cups
  • Blue chemical
  • Sofas, beds, and chairs for area around pool
  • Potted plants
  • Water dispenser
  • Table

It’ll be easier to do around the pool than in it.

Pool guide

Ideas you could make with props:

  • Little cups
  • Diving Board

yeah like a dock to jump in the water like at public pools(yeah idk how to word it)

A diving board???

a boat! (i know someone already said this but still)

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