Property scope kind of working

I have a X and Y system that detects if you are touching a ball and knocks you out if you are. But, I set the property scope to be player, but it only updates for the open tab. (I’m playing with myself.)

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wait, why is there no main post?

What do you mean by “main post”?

Wait so the coordinate system isn’t tracking if the ball is on another player?

I have two tabs open on the same game. If i’m on tab one, the coordinate system doesn’t update on tab two, where theres another player. So, if I blast the ball at them, they don’t get knocked out because the system is tracking me, even though I set the scope to player.

Setup ss please. Preferably of all of the devices scopes

(Player Y is the same, just a different name.)

How I made it

I used Drangontamer’s guide on coordinate systems.

Wait how do the zones track where the ball is?

Ball capture zones, no respawn

I used ball capure zones with no respawn, and it works! The scope is not working.

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What is the scope for that system

Screenshot 2024-03-30 4.17.22 PM

Are all the other device’s scope player?
(Sorry if it doesn’t help, I tried to build a small system but it didn’t even work)

Which devices? Most of them are triggers and zones and ball capure zones.

Oh, Nvm

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The ball position needs to be global cause it doesn’t vary per player. Cause currently all the other players beside the host will be comparing to nothing

The ball position is fine, it’s the Player position that isn’t working.

Just try to see if you can display the ball position using text (make sure its global is off) for both players

I did display the ball position. Proof:
Screenshot 2024-03-30 4.22.39 PM

And that overlay is player scoped?